Фотограф Анна Антнайтите
About me

In the World where all processes and human relations are moving to new speeds, where even our memory becomes more operational and situational, photography can help not only with capturing things, but also to notice moments in life that you would not mind carrying with you through the whole life.

My name is Anna. My specialization in photography is travel and reportage (including film / TV / advertising and medical backstage). Nevertheless, you can easily find in my portfolio staging and art photo shoot.

I work on a regular basis with Agapkin Yoga Station, Greenpeace.


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Publication of photos and an article in Russian Life magazine issue (May-June).

Koyashskoe lake.jpg

Publication of photos and small interview in the September issue of Greenpeace magazine (Russia) from my report about the bike parade 2018. 

The magazine FlyMe 360 has posted 9 photos from a travel report for Bali, Indonesia n 2014 in issue of December 2017.